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BIM Navigator 1.0.2

The Plugin creates a tool that will show components and groups' information. The information can be obtained from SketchUp Native Entity Info or from several plugins such as Dynamic Component, Profile Builder, VBO Profile Toys, VBO Reports, VBO SKH Reports, PB2 Quantifier, and Quantifier Pro.
The plugin also can show objects/faces' materials and layers/tags information if they were listed in those BOQ plugins. If the display is in "Color By Tag/Layer" mode, it will show layer/tag information, otherwise, it will show material information.


Activate the tool and navigate to the objects. All objects (which can be only within the selection or the entire model) near the camera within the set radius will have their names displayed. Hover over the name to display detailed information. Hovering on faces will display the material or tag/layer information.


SketchUp 2020 or newer

BIM Navigator

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