VBO Profiles Toy is a plugin running in Trimble SketchUp, the script helps users create and edit/adjust profile members quickly. The plugin can use the data of legendary MidSight Studio's Profile Builder, which has tons of profile presets on the internet.Requirements:SketchUp 2020 or higherWindows 10 OS or newerFeatures:	Create profile members from selection, add to edges, face's loop...	Get profile from a face in one click	Save/load profile to/from external skp files	Edit/Adjust features in one tool			"Point to point" draw tool 		Drag to move paths' points		Extend, Trim profile member to planes, trim profile member to solid objects (from any nested level of the model)		Add/append profile to paths( can be created from edge, edges, face)		Double click to edit paths (like VBO Piping Pro)		Edit profile: mirror, offsets, rotation, placement point, dimensions, material, layer, etc...			Create reports and manage profiles and members parametricallyVersion: 1.0.2

Profiles Toy