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SketchUp Plugin for LayOut

Recommended System:

         - SketchUp 2019 to 2023

         - Windows OS 10 or newer.


  • Open the dialog inside SketchUp
  • Add, edit, delete autotexts
  • Import/insert autotexts from .layout or. xlsx files
  • Export:

       - Get code to paste to LayOut's Ruby Console to apply the autotexts to layout file

       - Export autotexts to Exxcel(xlsx) file.


Appy coupon vbofree if you want to get the plugin for free, or buy me a beer with $1, thank you.

  • Important:

- You have to check your LayOut if it can use this plugin by finding the menu 'Extensions/Ruby Console' in LayOut Program. If you can not find it, please try those steps:

  1. Don't buy this plugin if you plan to use it on a Mac.
  2. Close all LayOut windows, then go to SketchUp, choose menu 'File/Send To LayOut' to re-open it.
  3. If you are using 2020 and can not find the console in LayOut by 'Send To LayOut' command, please install and keep 2019 version, not have to use it, just for the 2020 version can have the LayOut's Ruby Console.
  4. By buying this plugin without checking your system, some technical support could be refused.

VBO LayOut Autotext Editor

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