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-   All Rights Reserved.

Note: SketchUp LayOut 2019.2 have this feature come with the software. DON'T BUY THIS Plugin if you are updated to version 2019.2!!!

VBO LayOut Dimensions Normalizer is a SketchUp Plugin, the script can normalize all the existing dimensions in a SketchUp LayOut 's Page. This won't create dimensions.

When purchased, you will get the installer packed (.zip) in the first email. The email which contains the license key(s) will be sent later within 12 hours. You can activate your license on 2 separated computers that can be running at the same time. If you want to add the 3rd computer, you have to deactivate VBO LayOut Dimensions Normalizer in another computer by using the menu "Extensions/VBO/VBO LayOut Dimensions Normalizerxxx/Deactivate license on this computer"

You will receive an email whenever the plugin has any new update(s)

Recommended system and software:

- Windows OS 10 or newer

- SketchUp 2019.1

VBO LayOut Dimensions Normalizer