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-   All Rights Reserved.

VBO Piping Pro is a plugin running in Trimble SketchUp, the script creates pipes from edges in selected group(s)/component(s), also adding fittings to vertices.

Version: 2.1.3

When purchased, you will get the installer packed (.zip) in the first email. The email which contains the license key(s) will be sent later within 12 hours. You can activate your license on 2 separated computers that can be running at the same time. If you want to add the 3rd computer, you have to deactivate VBO Piping Pro in another computer by using the menu "Extensions/VBO/VBO Piping Pro xxx/Deactivate license on this computer".

You will receive an email whenever the plugin has new update(s)


- "Build Pipes Branch":  All inside edges of selected group(s)/component(s) will be turned to pipe with options (collection, size, type of ending fitting and continue fitting...) can be selected in an input box.

- "Branches modifier": A tool help to edit fitting. The user can rotate, manually replace fittings, add/replace reduce bush, redraw branch(es)... Also can name and add color to any branch(es).

- "2D/3D": A quick switching of displaying the branches in 2D/3D view, base on turn on/off the layers "8_mep_piping2D" and "8_mep_piping3D".

- Double click (Edit Group/Component) to a branch will allow user to edit the source edges and vertices. The branch will be updated to it's "settings" when user finishes the Group/Component editing.

- Come with 6 pipe collections: Metal, PVC, HDPE, PPR, Weld, Electrical.
- Can make a BOM (Bill Of Materials) of pipes and fitting.

Recommended system and software: (Please read this below-recommended information carefully. In case you do not follow, any technical supports could be refused)

- Windows OS 10 or newer

- SketchUp 2018 or newer

VBO Piping Pro